As you age, it seems (no doubt)


there's far more older jokes about.

Yet, 'though you've heard 'em all before,

you can enjoy them now, once more!

Have you heard the one about...........!



May I present to you, 'Chestnuts Reroasted!'.


Having carefully selected a number of 'time-honoured' bar-room tales and jokes, I then converted them to light verse for your  re-acquaintance

and pleasure!


For those of you who may not normally be drawn to verse

(light or otherwise), I hope you find my 'chestnuts' enjoyable and, just maybe you will be pursuaded to give other forms of poetry a try.

I hope you enjoy reading 'Chestnuts Reroasted' as much as I did, writing them.


                                                                           John Andrew Nield


The way that knots are tied and bound;

their twistings make me weary.

I'll never get my head around

the concept of 'String Theory'!